Steel Buildings

BORGA’s commitment to bringing high-quality products at competitive prices to our markets has earned us a solid reputation. With a versatile product line ranging from the smallest fastener to complete metal buildings, BORGA is well-positioned to meet the needs of most customers. 

Naturally, most of our clients are in the steel building construction industry, but our products are frequently used by home builders, air conditioning contractors, machine shops, and do-it-yourselfers as well. Our latest plant expansion has further enabled us to provide excellent customer service with short lead times, and future additions to the product line will increase our ability to serve an ever-wider array of customers. 

Raised Center Aisle Gilkey Farms Building
Brighten Academy
Rare Earth Coffee

Class A – Fire Rating

Metal is a noncombustible material and therefore holds the highest fire rating available – Class A. Therefore, many insurance companies offer discounts on fire insurance for homes with metal roofs. Please note that the classification of the material is not necessarily the fire classification of the entire roof; the roof will be fire rated based on all materials present. Click here for more information on our metal sheeting: Sheeting and Components

Warranty – BORGA Standard Colors