Vertical Lock Panel


Vertical Lock is an architectural panel system, easily installed over open framing as well as solid substrate. A concealed clip allows the panel system to float freely over the deck with thermal movements. The individual panels snap together for ease of installation. Vertical Lock is available in a variety of panel gauges, widths and colors, including high-end materials and finished, with matching trim that will make an architectural statement in any application.


  • Panel widths: 18” (12” and 16” available upon request)
  • Panel Configuration: 1.75” rib height; Smooth, Striated or Minor Ribs. Factory notching available
  • Panel lengths: Up to 40 ft. Please inquire for longer lengths
  • Roof Slope: Minimum 3:12 (recommended)
  • Gauge: 24 or 26. Please inquire for other gauges.
  • Substrate: Galvalume ® or Galvanized Steel
  • Paint System: SMP
  • Unfinished G90/Galvalume ® and Zincalume ® also available
  • Vertical Lock is a UL 90 rated , structural roofing panel.

Vertical Lock Panel Technical Information


Metal is a noncombustible material and therefore holds the highest fire rating available – Class A. Therefore, many insurance companies offer discounts on fire insurance from homes with metal roofs. Please not that the classification of the material is not necessarily the fire classification of the entire roof; the roof will be fire rated based on all materials present.


 Warranty – BORGA Standard Colors