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See building examples below the form.

Building Quote
Please fill out this form to the best of your abilities so we can get a quote back to you as soon as possible.
ex. Fresno, CA 93730. The location of your new building is important for us to know when preparing your quote. Different locations in California have different seismic, fire, wind, and snow requirements that impact the design of your building.
I.E: Gable, Cover Only, Single Slope, RCA (Raised Center Aisle), Solar Canopy
I.E: 1:12, 2:12, 3:12, etc. or Degrees
Will your building have any of these roof loads? Lighting, Sprinklers, Solar, HVAC, etc.
Examples: Specific HVAC loads, point loads, additional snow loads, wall loads.
We offer many accessories, such as skylights, roof insulation, wall insulation, gutters and downspouts, and ridge vents. Would you like any of these on your building? Are there any additional accessories you're interested in?
Quantity, size, and placement of windows. Ex. 4 2' by 4' windows on the front side wall
Quantity and size of man-doors. Single, Double, Handicap, etc.
Quantity and size of roll-up doors and openings. Ex. 12' wide by 14' tall roll-up door on the front side wall.
Max file size is 5 MB. If you have a sketch or photo of what your building looks like, please upload it here.
Would you like us to refer you to a contractor?
Will you need foundation engineering for your building?
Any additional comments, options you would like, or notes that you have for us.


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Guide to metal building terminology

Borga fresno california steel metal buildings roofing sheeting tan grey white blue GILKEY CORCORAN

RCA Building (Corcoran, CA)




Gable Manufacturing Warehouse


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Cover Only Single Slope w/ Solar



Cover Only: Gable Horse Arena