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At Borga, we manufacture steel buildings, roofing and components for the Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Residential Markets. We work directly with  developers, architects, engineers, and retail customers to ensure that the final product is designed and engineered for  quality, cost and ease of installation. Our offices, which include sales, engineering and manufacturing, are located in Central California.  This is an ideal location to service the Western United States.


From the beginning the company focused on engineering designs that are easy to install and ultimately more cost effective for the building owner. Our components group stocks commonly used items, but we are able to meet almost any custom components need. Our mission is to provide you with high quality products supported by excellent customer service.  Our experienced staff is committed to meeting your needs, regardless of project size.

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  • Michael B.

    My sister Lindsay and I have come into some money and are considering starting a pistachio ranch. We are not sure about the pistachios, we have never farmed. We understand that they are in the turnip family.

    The building be for storage and will also have an apartment of fair size. Lindsay’s husband Tobias and our brother Gob will live in it. They are excited to pick the pistachios.

    Anyway, could you give us a quote on a regular sized building with a basement. Gob is into American Ninja warrior and needs a space to workout.



  • Michael,

    Good morning! We can absolutely send you a quote. Your email address doesn’t seem to be working, so please give us a call at (559) 813-3138, or shoot me an email at kheskett@borgasteel.com.

    Before you know it, we’ll have a stew going!


    Creative Project Manager


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